Treasury Services

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ACH Processing
ACH (Automated Clearing House) Processing gives you the ability to originate electronic credits and debits. Issue low cost electronic funds transfers through ACH to gain efficiencies over traditional paper-based transactions.

ACH debit service automatically collects funds from your customers to pay a host of payment types. ACH service is a perfect match for companies wanting to expedite their receivables.

Use ACH to conveniently process your payroll by depositing employees’ pay directly into their bank account at any financial institution in the U.S. With ACH, your payroll process is easier, quicker, and much more convenient for both you and your employees. 

  • Initiate payments quickly and easily
  • Improve fraud control
  • Eliminate paper check processing and save time and money  
  • Decrease time and cost of processing checks
  • Reduce stop payments by eliminating lost checks
  • Reduce billing costs, including postage
  • Speed collections - ACH transactions can be collected next day

Remote Deposit Capture
Remote Deposit Capture allows you to focus on your business and spend less time going to the bank.  With Remote Deposit Capture, you can eliminate the need for trips to the bank by making deposits electronically right from your office.  Checks are imaged and balanced at your site using a scanner then delivered to the bank electronically.

  • Increase employee productivity by eliminating trips to the bank
  • Reduce preparation time associated with check deposits
  • Reduce fraud with a secure deposit process using dual control
  • Access detailed, online reporting of check information and deposit activity
  • Consolidate funds from multiple remote locations into one financial institution
  • Speed access to receivables and associated data

Positive Pay
Positive Pay is a process through which you and the bank work together to combat check fraud by identifying items presented for payment which you did not issue. Positive Pay check fraud prevention program is designed to help businesses substantially decrease risk associated with checks presented for payment on your accounts. 

  • Minimize exposure to check fraud
  • Enable early detection and return of unauthorized checks
  • Reduce the opportunity for fraud
  • Strengthen accounting and audit controls
  • Retain control over pay or return decisions 

Merchant Card Processing
Credit card acceptance is becoming more and more important in today’s competitive environment.  We can provide your company with processing and authorization for all major credit cards.

We offer numerous methods of card-payment processing including smart phone, touch-tone phone, point-of-sale terminal, internet virtual terminals, and internet gateways. No matter what size your business, our merchant program can be tailored to fit your needs.

  • Increase retail sales by providing a convenient method of payment
  • Improve service by reducing time at the check-out stand
  • Eliminate bad check losses
  • Speed reconcilement with one statement for all major credit cards
  • Improve availability of funds with electronic deposits to your account
  • Enjoy free, U.S.-based customer support twenty-four hours a day

Zero Balance Accounts
Zero Balance Accounts (ZBAs) allow businesses to have multiple subsidiary accounts linked to a master account for automated funding.  ZBAs are an excellent tool for businesses that need very clear tracking of account activity and have a desire to gain greater control over funds.

Simplify the management of multiple business checking accounts by consolidating your cash into a single concentration account and automatically funding disbursement accounts as needed each day.

  • Eliminate idle cash by concentrating funds to a master account
  • Save time by eliminating manual transfers between accounts
  • Eliminate overdrafts due to failure to transfer balances
  • Enhance your cash flow by using your financial resources more productively 

This service streamlines your accounts receivable processing by converting all payments to an electronic, medical-standard format.  Images of your processed payments and EOBs are conveniently accessible online.

EOB/ERA Agent is state-of-the art technology designed for healthcare providers and medical facilities.  With the A/R Agent, there is now a way to update and revolutionize healthcare revenue cycle management in order to follow recent government mandates and technological standards.

MedPay is an extension of our standard lockbox service.  The system provides you with a total digital environment via a consolidated, financial web portal where all payment information and related documents images are stored.  Your electronic payment data is archived along with imaged documents, check images, and ACH payment information for a period of 7 years.

  • Standardize all remittance information
  • Convert paper EOBs to an electronic, downloadable 835 EDI file
  • Automate denial and secondary claim processing with our workflow management tool
  • Access a complete financial dashboard that provides online A/R details
  • Provide business rule application for payer remittances
  • Automate secondary claim processing
  • Provide workflow tool for denial management
  • Streamline patient payment process
  • Create single source for all RCM data
  • Consolidate financial accounting for all payment types
  • Integrate workflow for secondary and denial processing to increase productivity
  • Utilize a common file structure for auto-posting thousands of payers
  • Re-associate ACH payments or checks with ERAs and paper EOBs arriving on different dates

Online Banking
Online Banking is an invaluable tool for commercial clients in today’s fast-paced, technology-based business environment. Via your personal computer, you have the ability to check account balances, transfer funds between accounts, make loan payments, and process payroll.

  • Improve your cash management with access to real-time transaction activity
  • Improve your efficiency with the ability to:
    • Research transaction details for your accounts
    • Access image of paid checks
    • Initiate stop payments
    • Submit ACH payroll or direct billing files
    • Export information into QuickBooks and Quicken
    • Control of authorized users 
    • Establish maximum limits and user rights based on functional needs

Re-Presented Checks (RCK)
RCK (Check Re-presentment) is the conversion of a non-sufficient funds (NSF) check to an Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT.)  Not only can you collect the face value of the check; you can also collect the insufficient fee charges after the electronic check has been collected.  Check Re-presentment gives your business the opportunity to recover insufficient checks quicker electronically.

  • Quickly and efficiently re-present dishonored checks
  • Reduce time handling returned checks
  • Improve reporting with electronic function availability

Lockbox Services
Improve your cash flow by directing your accounts receivables checks to the bank for same day processing.  Lockbox services can accelerate the collection process of your account receivables, which is an important ingredient of your company’s cash flow.  These payments can have measurable impact on a company’s bottom line.

Remittances are mailed in your company’s name to a special box maintained at the Post Office picked up daily by the bank. Checks, invoices, and other remittance details are captures and imaged and all necessary data from each transaction is keyed to your account database.  An electronic deposit is then made to your account.

  • Enjoy high quality, state of the art imaging technology
  • Remove the burden of processing paper
  • Improve funds availability
  • Reduce the potential for employee fraud and other related financial losses
  • Maximize cash flow by reducing mail delays
  • Improve security and audit controls

This service allows you to access digital images of paid checks, deposit tickets, deposited items, and your entire account statements all on one CD-ROM.

  • Create secure storage of your financial records
  • Expedite research of your bank transactions
  • Reduce paper handling and storage needs
  • Export banking transactions to common file types

Document Imaging/Records Management
Let us help you manage your paper and your company’s files with innovative document management technology. Imagio, our web-based document management system, captures your critical records by scanning paper documents.

Import electronic documents from Word, Excel, and e-mail with customized indexes which allow you to search your records quickly and easily. Your records are securely stored in two major data centers located in the U.S. and can be accessed any time via the internet.

  • Securely capture records by scanning your paper documents
  • Access your securely-stored records online any time
  • Reduce processing time and labor in locating documents

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
EDI provides detailed reporting of information contained in addenda records of electronic payments.  A complete review of incoming ACH files each morning creates reporting that can be emailed daily. 

  • Improve transaction monitoring
  • Improve information reporting
  • Speed processing by receiving early notification of ACH transactions

Paperless Statements
Instead of receiving your bank statements by mail, enroll in Paperless Statements and access electronic images of your statement when you log in to Online Banking, You can view, print, and download your statements in the privacy of your home or office.

Hosted on our secure server, you can access your bank statements including a detailed transaction listing and images of your checks and deposit slips. 

  • Reduce clutter with statements that are easy to store and locate
  • Enjoy availability days before your statement would arrive in the mail
  • Improve security with the ability to view statements in the privacy of your home of office
  • Organize your finances by downloading statements to your computer
  • Reduce the risk of identity theft associated with mailed statements


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